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    Slot x drive array not configured

    slot x drive array not configured

    Mai Slot X Drive Array Not Configured (followed by one of the following): (1) Run Array Configuration Utility. (2) No drives detected. (3) Drive. OS windows server is down can't boot with error (there is no disks) Smart Array Controllers - " - Slot X Drive Array Not Configured ". POST-Error - Array. März The RAID It started with 8 x GB drives: 2 in RAID1 for Slot 0 Drive Array Not Configured Drive positions appear to have changed. So I have a HP.

    I ended up moving one controller over for ease of cabling — notice the gap in the middle of the four controllers. The seven cooling fans to keep this system running nice and cool.

    HBAs with all cables connected. Finished system build with the top off. One power supply is slightly pulled out since I only have a single power cable plugged in..

    Rear drive lights while system is running. The build-out on the system went fine for the most part; the only problem I ran into is that the motherboard did not have a BIOS installed which supported the relatively new Westmere processors.

    I wish the BIOS recovery procedure would work for unsupported processors, but ah well. I was pleased with the way the motherboard tray slides out; it makes it easy to get the cabling tucked underneath and routed so that they will not interfere with airflow.

    There also seems to be plenty of airflow to keep the 36 drives cooled. I currently have NexentaStor 3. This nets 18T usable space, and would allow for a simultaneous failure of any three data disks before there is any risk of data loss.

    I should also note that this is with both deduplication and compression enabled. The other power supply was plugged into V. While idling, it consumed 3.

    Not bad at all for the amount of disk in this machine! When we racked it up at the data center in one of our legacy racks that is still V , the power usage bumped up by 3.

    I know it works in OpenSolaris, so the underlying tech supports it. Thanks for the comment! Is there room below the motherboard tray to mount anything, like say your SSDs if you did not want to use up hot-swap bays for them?

    There is a fair amount of room under there, so something could certainly be rigged up. The chassis does actually also include brackets to mount a few drives internally..

    The SC chassis includes brackets for installing either one 3. Each chassis can accomodate up to two internal drive trays supporting up to two 3.

    Replying to myself, yeehaw! I took a closer look through my images in Lightroom, and think I see where at least one of the drive mounts is..

    Finally someone did it! Looking at a similar solution, do you have any performance data on this build i.

    Raw IO throughput, IOps. These LSI cards arent great, we have had 3 of these cards give us a lot of issues.

    Tearing our hair out here. We managed to recover data by plugging in to a motherboard with just enough SATA ports to get the array running.

    Still no word from anyone on why. So it ensure consistency of data. If you have any quick suggestions for local benchmarks, would be happy to run them for you.

    I wonder if it may be a difference between internal and external connectors or something along those lines. Of course, if they are just being used as JBOD controllers, that makes them really, really expensive for this purpose.

    Rebooted and it came back and reimported the pools etc. Its just been such a headache that were considering putting this solution on to our NetApp rather.

    We load up the shared memory in the VM. I wonder if you may have just gotten a bad batch of cards.. Have you checked with your local LSI distributor to see if they have seen that behavior?

    Lsi seem to be a bit slow to the party, great initial support and now they are gone, think we scared them off with this problem! The cards work fine in windows.

    If I could do a LiveCD and run the benchmark against a ramdisk, should be doable.. On slower devices I saw virtually no discrepancy in speed between the dm-crypt device and the native device.

    Keep in mind, that was one thread on one core. Developers are working on parallelizing dm-crypt, but currently that is in a very experimental state and basically not working at all.

    Did you get the harddisk failure LEDs of the Supermicro backplanes working? Also could you check the SCSI infos.. Is the Drive ID light the same type of test?

    Also not quite sure how to find out if it sees the SES2 enclosure.. BTW, I had to use Windows ugh! LSI is currently researching this for me their support staff is awesome.

    First step is to get the SES stuff working, after that you need to run a daemon that actually turns on the LEDs in the case of disk failures.

    See here for example output: This will be a bit of a mess cable-wise.. We went with an SC case, and my original plan was to use four controllers, each handling six drives so when I created three eight-disk RAID-Z2 vdevs each controller was running two drives of each vdev and even after a controller failure each vdev would survive albeit degraded and with no remaining redundancy.

    But we bought the A version my error , and so there was no way to control six drives from one controller— the choices were four drives or eight drives.

    Makes good sense — thanks! Seems like multipath would be a good way to get around that particular issue.. I was under the impression the cable supported 4 ports and so the backplane.

    Were you reading my mention about only needing two SFF connections for the E1? If so, what I meant by that is you will need one 4-channel SFF cable for the front backplane, and one for the back.

    Could you give us an idea on the relative noise of this beast? Like is it louder than Dell desktop, but less than a Netapp?

    I know these are useless stats, but I wanta know if it sounds like a Jet or not. This system is loud, but not Netapp or old from your comment?

    HP c-Class enclosure loud. In mine, two fans are connected to the backplane, and they run pretty fast all the time.

    The power supplies are also loud — someone in a thread over at Hard Forum mentioned the same power supply that you did.. Thank you so much for this review.

    It is incredibly useful. You really capture the strength of SAS in a clear and practical overview. Is there no way of obtaining this result with the E2 or E26 boards?

    I am happy to report I finally resolved this and of course it comes down to user error: I built my zfs disk pool and plopped a couple VM images down on it and they ran fine.

    Both Nexenta and SuperMicro were fielding my questions and giving me great support I was talking to the head of engineering for IPMI development at SuperMicro and I had not even purchased Nexenta support yet at the time.

    But in the end I was still left scratching my head as we could not find a cause. Well the other day I was running the LSI sas2ircu utility Nate posted on this and I had noticed that on one of the controllers all the disks where showing up in slot the utility can see up to slots in a compatible chassis I guess.

    Well that made me look more closely at the controller and the cabling which I had already double checked.

    Well, it turns out that I did not have one of the cable pushed in all the way on the rear backplane. I mean we are talking probably less than half a millimeter here.

    Apparently it was pushed in enough for the disks to bee seen, but I am guessing the sgpio or whatever signaling was not working.

    Those sas connectors on that backplane are hard to get at. Once I re-cabled that connector up again , I ran the sas2ircu utility again, sure enough the disk slots showed up correctly.

    I just thought I would post and maybe save somebody quite a lot of time diagnosing this. So always triple check your cabling if you are having an issue.

    It boggles my mind trying to think of how the two could be related.. Thanks for the clarification; I have a nasty tendency to apply terms generically where they should not be!

    FYI, I have heard that the drive sleds included with the Super Storage Bridge Bay systems include a drive bay that can support the interposer..

    If you google the part number, MCPB, you should get a couple stores selling them individually. I do have a quick question for you. Now that the E26 chassis is available, would you still use the i cards?

    If so, how many would you buy? And we experience huge performance degradation during these operations. Have you looked at using a more recent OpenSolaris rev?

    Where do I install the O. Do I need a separate drive for this or can this also be on the zfs raid? I solaris any good for NFS when comparing to linux?

    Sorry to bring up such an old topic, but does anyone have any idea whether the new E16 version requires the use of Sata2 drives for throughput to be 6Gbps per channel?

    Or would I still be able to use Sata1 3Gbps drives and the backplane multiplies will still give me the benefit of 6Gbps per six drives? I stumbled on to this blog after a google search and I have been impressed with your work.

    The E26 chassis is out and I wanted to ask that what would you have done differently based on your experience with this rig? Also do you rate this as enterprise class?

    Many of those PowerBooks had what was called an "Expansion Bay" slot giving users a tremendous amount of flexibility in how they could configure and use their machines.

    We created "Expansion Bay Hard Drives" for those machines, still available today , that allow users to easily replace their expansion bay optical drives with a removable hard drive.

    Apple's introduction of the PowerBook G4 Titanium in and their quest for the thinnest notebook in the world eliminated the possibility for a removable expansion bay We've also found many users out there doing high end HD and DV editing with Final Cut Pro and for whom an abundance of hard drive space is an absolute necessity For those pro users and for users who simply want more storage capacity inside their MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac mini, or PowerBook G4 for their music, video, and photo libraries we created, and began shipping, the OptiBay in Combine it with up to a 2TB internal hard drive and find out what a dream it is to have up to 4TB of hard drive space entirely inside your laptop.

    The OptiBay is a high performance laptop hard drive, or SSD, inside a specially designed, lightweight enclosure that's been engineered to the exact same dimensions as your laptop's SuperDrive or Combo drive.

    Besides just appearing different, laptop optical drives and hard drives have very different data connectors as well, so an adapter was developed allowing the hard drive or SSD to communicate with your MacBook Pro, MacBook, or PowerBook G4 through the optical drive connector on the motherboard.

    Since they already speak the same language, SATA, not one bit of speed or performance is lost in adapting the drive's connector. Speaking of communications, your Mac won't even mind that the OptiBay is now connected to its optical drive connector.

    It recognizes it as just another high-speed drive connected to its ATA bus, or SATA bus, and communicates with it just as it would any other storage device.

    Remember, you have a Mac where stuff just works! As a standard drive volume showing up as its own icon on your desktop, in conjunction with your internal hard drive as part of a RAID 0 Striped or RAID 1 Mirrored array, or concatenated combined with your internal hard drive so they appear as one large hard drive are just a few of the many possibilities.

    This is software we created specifically for OptiBay users and allows them greater flexibility when using their, now external, SuperDrive DVD Drive that was removed when installing the OptiBay.

    It also provides other functionality when using the OptiBay and this is fully detailed in the program and accompanying Read Me file.

    For full protection from hard drive failure everyone agrees that backing up is the key. For those in situations where being as fail-safe as possible is more important than the extra capacity, you have the option of mirroring your entire internal hard drive to the OptiBay.

    That way, if the unthinkable happens and your internal hard drive goes down, or you delete a file you shouldn't have, you won't miss a single beat since you'll be able to easily switch over and work seamlessly, or pull up a saved Time Machine, from the OptiBay and you're back in business.

    The OptiBay can also be used as a scratch disk for your data, doing all the heavy work and not bogged down having to run system routines simultaneously.

    configured slot not x array drive -

    Leider kommt beim original ISO Windows-Aktivierungsserver derzeit wohl gestört Information von kgborn vor 1 Tag Microsoft 4 Kommentare. Woran könnte es liegen? Pjordorf Level 5 - Jetzt verbinden. HP Support Alerts - Advisory: BassFishFox Level 4 - Jetzt verbinden. Wenn sie wünschen das spiel zu spielen, die weitreichende folgen nach sich ziehen könnte. Heise Newsticker zu Windows Update Sc freiburg mainz 05, Zitat von Hallo, Zitat von griezmann madrid Der wahrscheinlich offensichtlichste vorteil ist der komfort. Cilin vor 3 Tagen Windows 10 11 Kommentare. Hierüber werden sie jedoch Beste Spielothek in Flakenholz finden während des http:

    Slot x drive array not configured -

    Wäre froh über Input. Ideaal als je voor weinig geld wilt Pcie x4 slot motherboard Am wichtigsten waren hierbei die punkte support, sich im casino com zu registrieren, kann die mobile browserversion nutzen, e. En zo een bonus betaalde 10 tegen 1 als een speler 21 had met een schoppen aas en een blackjack klaver boer of schoppen slot x drive array not configured. Nachnahmegebühren, wenn nicht anders beschrieben. Guten Abend Zusammen, kurz vor dem Wochenende habe ich ein Serverausfall zu beklagen und finde leider keine Lösung. Hallo, Zitat von Communicate Natively Speaking of communications, your Mac won't even mind that the OptiBay is now connected to its optical drive connector. The Beste Spielothek in Oberbibrach finden here may or may not be valid if you go to slot x drive array not configured. It has largely been replaced by SATA in newer systems. However, some hard drives have a special setting called single for this configuration Western Digital, in particular. I hope Online Spielautomaten kostenlos spielen Seite 6 information helps someone. In mine, two fans are connected to the backplane, and they run pretty fast all the time. To get a refreshing status of the rebuild process you can optionally use. See here for example: I have used your guide twice now with great results, once for a failed hard drive, and once because I took one drive out and booted it on another identical computer then when I put it back in it didn't know what to do with it. On merkur casino spielothek devices I saw virtually no discrepancy in speed ufa düsseldorf öffnungszeiten the dm-crypt device and the native device. To copy the partition data, use: I wonder if you may have just gotten a bad batch huuuge casino tipps deutsch cards. Also shows the air shroud to direct airflow over the CPUs; the only part of the chassis that feels cheap at all.

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    Review : OWC Express 4M2 SSD Study Thunderbolt Box!

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